Aurora 7 Reload Campaign
(13 September - 31 December 2019)

Get 20% More Diamonds PLUS exclusive in-games items when you get Aurora 7 Diamonds NOW!

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1. What is the “Aurora7 Reload Campaign” about?
RepublicGG members who purchase Aurora7 Diamonds will unlock chests and redeem special in-game items.

2. Who is eligible for this promotion?
This promotion is open to all RepublicGG members. If you’re not a member yet, hurry up and register HERE.

3. How long is the promotion period?
This promotion ends on 31st December 2019.

4. How many times can I unlock or open the chest during the campaign period?
You may unlock and open the chests five (5) times per day. You can come back the next day and spend your GG on Aurora7 Diamonds to unlock the chest again.

5. How do I participate in this promotion?
It’s simple! Just follow below steps:- 
Step 1 : Go to homepage. 
Step 2 : Just make a purchase on Aurora7 Diamonds.
Step 3 : User can open the chests that have been unlocked. Simply click on the chest to open it. User will receive code which can be used in game to redeem special in-game item. 

6. How do I redeem my item code?

You can redeem the item within the game with these steps:-

Step 1 : Click the “Character profile” located at the top left of your game.

Step 2 : Select “setting” in the “Player’s info”

Step 3 : Click “Redeem Gift Pack”

Step 4 : Enter your code

Step 5 : You will receive the in-game items.

7. Will my item code expire?
The item code that you receive will be expired in 1 year.

8. How long will the chest remain unlocked?
The chest will be refreshed every day within the promotion period. Unclaimed chest will be forfeited when the chest is refreshed.

9. What should I do if I did not receive the code after I have opened the chest?
Please fill in our customer feedback form HERE. We will get in touch with you shortly.