Republic GG Battleground Arcade

  1. What is RepublicGG Battleground Arcade?

    Republic GG Battleground Arcade is an on-going weekly online tournament organized by Republic GG. Everyone is welcome to participate in this tournament and stand a chance to win up to 300 GG and one unit of OPPO A9 every week!

  2. When will the tournament start and how long is the tournament period?

    Republic GG Battleground Arcade will start from 7th October 2019 until 31st December 2019

  3. Tournament mechanics

    There are two (2) games;

    1. Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

      Five (5) Game Rooms accommodating a total of fifty (50) participants will be created at the start of the hour, with another additional five (5) Game Rooms being created every 15 minutes thereafter assuming full participation in the previous Game Rooms. Users will be provided with clickable Game Room Links on the Matchroom Lobby Chat and Matchroom Lobby Announcement which they will use to join the aforementioned Game Rooms. Users will play as Solo players and scoring of the match will based on Performance Rating and Win/Loss placement.

      *Participants who fail to join the IN GAME MOBILE LEGENDS GROUP will not have their scores recorded.
    2. Free Fire

      The registration for the tournament is based on FIRST COME, FIRST SERVED basis. Participants are allowed to join as many matches as they want. Each Game Room can accommodate a maximum of 48 users/players. Once the Game Room is full, a new room will be created / opened to users after 15 minutes. Each participant will be given a Game Room ID & Password which can be found on the Matchroom Lobby Chat or Matchroom Lobby Announcement. Participants will play as Solo players and the score will be based on number of Kills and Placement of the game.

      *New Game Room will be opened every 15 minutes
      *No Teaming, No Hacking, No Emulator. Breaking any of these rules will result in immediate disqualification and permanent banning from the tournament.

  4. Do I need to form a team in order to participate in this tournament?

    You do not need to form a team to participate in this tournament. All players will play as SOLO and prizes will be distributed based on their individual score.

  5. How can I participate in this tournament?
    1. You can register yourself from 3rd October 2019. Make sure you have a Matchroom account.

    2. Join and play during the scheduled time in Matchroom.

    3. The more you play the more points you will earn.

    4. Win the tournament by topping the Leaderboard!

  6. Tournament schedule
    Weekdays (Monday to Friday)7PM – 11PM (GMT+8)4 Hours
    Weekends (Saturday and Sunday)3PM – 11PM (GMT+8)8 Hours
  7. Prizes

    *Only first time winner will win one unit of Oppo A9 with GG points.

    4th - 10th25
    11th - 25th15
    26th - 50th10
    51st - 100th5
  8. How does the scoring work?
    1. Mobile Legends: Bang Bang
      1. Placement - Participants will be rewarded based on their win or loss at the end of the match
        1. Win = 5 point
        2. Loss = 1 point
      2. Performance - Participants will be rewarded based on their in-game ratings.
        1. Bronze Tier = 0.5 points + performance rating
        2. Silver Tier = 1 points + performance rating
        3. Gold Tier = 2 points + performance rating
      3. Example of scoring calculation for a user that has won a match with 10.2 performance rating Gold Tier.
        Win5 points
        Gold Tier2 points
        Performance Rating10.2 points
        3rd17.2 points
    2. Free Fire
      1. 1 Kill = 15 Points
        PlacementPoints gained
        1st150 Points
        2nd100 Points
        3rd90 Points
        4th80 Points
        5th70 Points
        5th70 Points
        6th60 Points
        7th50 Points
        8th40 Points
        9th30 Points
        10th20 Points
        11th – 20th15 Points
        21st – 30th10 Points
        31st – 48th5 Points
      2. Example of scoring calculation for a user that has won as 1st place with 5 kills.
      3. 1st Place150 Points
        Kills15 Points
        Total155 Points
  9. Where can I check my score?

    Your score will be displayed on the Leaderboard. Please note that the Leaderboard will only be updated on the following day by 12PM. Final scores will be announced every Monday at 12PM on the following week.

  10. When will I receive my prize?

    For GG points, it will be distributed to the winners within 5 working days after the final score has been posted (provided you have registered with Republic GG). You will receive a SMS notification when the prize has been sent into your account.

    For the Oppo A9, we will contact the winner within 7 working days to arrange for fulfilment. Depending on winner’s location, this could take up to 14 days for delivery.