Brave Gladiators

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Brave Gladiators is a very popular combat mobile game in the world. Awesome second-class style, complete plot, four major professional systems, built-in rich benefits waiting for you to experience.

There are 4 major occupations in the game: knights, gunmen, assassins and giants. These four major occupations have their own advantages, but also have their own flaws. In the face of enemies of different levels and different combat strengths, players need to select more suitable occupations in order to successfully clear customs, obtain experience diamonds, and complete rescue missions.

The Cavaliers belong to both offensive and defensive occupations, have close-range impact skills, and are immune to all enemy attacks during the impact process, and also have long-range electric field attack capabilities.

The gunmen belong to the operational type of occupation. The so-called one inch long and one inch strong, the gunman with one hand of the spear and the back jump skills, can effectively restrain the enemy's attack and escape. The operation is moderately difficult and is ideal for patience players.

Assassin is a close-fitting combat professional with two skills: precision strike and shadow jump. It is the most difficult to operate. In the process of fighting with the enemy, the speed is very high.

The giant belongs to the meat shield type occupation, its power is that the defense super attack is high, but because it is too bulky, the attack speed is very slow, and the player needs the right release skill.


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