Free Fire
GarenaAction Shooting Third Person Shooter (TPS)

Free Fire

RGG Choice 2,651,644
Game Description

Buy Free Fire Mobile Games with Republic.GG. Malaysia gaming platform. Pay Using Digi or Digi Reload Card.

Free Fire is the ultimate survival shooter game available on mobile. Get extra diamond for your first ever reload on Free Fire!*

*Only users that perform first time reload into his account are entitled to enjoy the extra diamond

71 Shell = Diamond x130 Bonus 33 (First Reload on Free Fire)

142 Shell = Diamond x260 Bonus 65 (First Reload on Free Fire)

214 Shell = Diamond x400 Bonus 100 (First Reload on Free Fire)

428 Shell = Diamond x800 Bonus 200 (First Reload on Free Fire)

714 Shell = Diamond x1,350 Bonus 338 (First Reload on Free Fire)

1428 Shell = Diamond x2,800 Bonus 700 (First Reload on Free Fire)

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Item Summary
65 Shells

Free Fire
65 Shells