Idle Legends: Gods Saga
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Idle Legends: Gods Saga

Game Description

Buy Idle Legends: Gods Saga Mobile Games, Google Play, App Store with Republic.GG. Malaysia gaming platform. Pay Using Digi or Digi Reload Card.

Idle Legends: Gods Saga is a strategy arena card game with Japanese-Western style anime characters. The game features Flamboyant effects and Devastating weapons guaranteed to keep you interested. The game also boasts an elemental system with elements that mutually affect each other in interesting ways. If you haven’t already, come join the adventure on Android and iOS.

How to get your Idle Legends: Gods Saga User ID:
    1. Visit the Eyougame official website.
    2. Log in to your Eyougame account.
    3. Click on your Eyougame username on the top right corner of the website.
    4. Find your Eyougame account User ID there!

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Item Summary
90 Diamonds

Idle Legends: Gods Saga
90 Diamonds