Frequently Asked Questions  (FAQ)

1. What is Republic GG?

Republic GG is the easiest and safest online gaming reload platform powered by Digi. You can purchase your favorite game credits with super-easy ways and earn exclusive rewards with every purchase. No debit or credit card is needed. We are open to everyone with a valid Malaysia mobile number.

2. What is GG and how it works?

GG is the currency being used on this platform. You can use your GG points to purchase games or in-game items from our partner’s game list. 1GG = RM1.

3. What is GR and how it works?

GR is the reward points you earned when you make purchases or complete missions. You can redeem attractive rewards using GR. The more you purchase, the more GR you earned! Feel free to go through our reward catalogue.

4. How to Register?

Is easy - just follow the simple steps below.

Click on “Register HERE!” on the top right corner

ii. Enter your mobile number, fill in the Captcha accordingly and click “Request OTP”. OTP pin will be sent to your mobile number via SMS.

iii. Key in your OTP pin and enter your password.

iv. If you have a friend that using Republic GG, get their referral code for you to get a free promo code.

v. “Tick” on the I Agree with Terms & Conditions and click the “Submit” button.

vi. Your account has been created!

5. Can I register an account if I am not a Digi user?
Yes, this service is open to everyone with a valid Malaysia mobile number. 

6. How many membership levels are there?

There are six levels altogether and each level has a different privilege for members.

ReloadMembership LevelPrivilege
First Time Bonus*EP earned for every 1GG spent**
< RM 10Peasant0 GRNo Rewards
> RM 10Novice100 GR10 EP
> RM 50Trainee400 GR11 EP
> RM 150Expert1000 GR12 EP
> RM 300Master1500 GR13 EP
> RM 500Guru2000 GR15 EP


EP = Energy Point

First Time Bonus* – You will receive a one-time GR bonus when you level up to a new membership level. The bonus is only given once when you reached the level for the first time.

EP earned for every 1GG spent** - You will earn EP based on your current level in every purchase. Refer the above table.

Example: When you reload RM10 for the first time, you will be level up as Novice and you will receive a one-time bonus of 100 GR and you will earn 10 EP for every RM1 spent in Novice Level.

7. How can I reload GG points?

You can reload your GG points through Digi Prepaid Reload card, Direct Operator Billing is also known as Pay with Digi, and e-wallet (Grab Pay, Boost and Touch ‘n Go eWallet). Once you reload, the amount will be converted into GG points. 

 These are the step to reload GG points:

i. Click on the “+” icon at the top of the page to perform a reload.

ii. Choose your payment method, Reload with Code (Digi Prepaid Reload card) or Direct Reload (Pay with Digi/e-wallet).

iii. Choose the denomination you want to reload and click the ‘Submit’ button.

iv. Follow the instruction on the screen to complete the reload.

v. Reload successful!

8. How to buy game credits/items?

i. Search your item in Republic GG homepage search bar.

ii. Click “Buy” on the game title.

iii. Select your preferred package.

iv. Click “Checkout” and you will be prompted to item summary.

v. Apply your Promo Code in the Promo Code box if you have any.

vi. Tick on I Agree with Terms & Conditions

vii. Click “Buy Now” and you will be directed to a thank you page with your product details.

viii. You will receive a notification once your purchase is successful.


9. How to redeem a reward item?

i. Click on the “Rewards”.

ii. Select the reward item that you want to redeem

iii. Click “Redeem For XGR” to redeem the item.

iv. Redemption was successful.

v. Check your inbox in the event section if you redeem a code from the Rewards catalogue.

10. Can I reload my GG points using Pay with Digi if I am not a Digi user?

Unfortunately Pay with Digi is only available for Digi users.

11. How long is the validity period for GG & GR?

All GG points will be expired if a user does not make any reload or purchase transaction in 21 months consecutively. Meanwhile, the GR that you receive will be forfeited in 180 days.

12. How long is the validity period for the product code purchased from Republic GG?

There is no expiry for the product code purchased unless otherwise stated.


13. Can I convert the GG to cash?

Unfortunately, all GG points cannot be converted into cash or any other form of currency. All the points can only be used through this platform only.


14. Can I share the points/rewards with friends?

No, all points and rewards are only applicable for one account only.


15. Can I get a refund for any of my purchases?

No, all success purchases made are not refundable.


16. How can I edit my account details?

Click on your username, Go to My Account > Edit. You may edit your profile, email, address, and update your password in the edit section.


17. How to track my past purchases?

Click on your name to open your profile > My History > Purchase. You will see your purchase history from there.


18. How can I check my reload history?

Click on your name to open your profile > My History > Reload. You will see your reload history from there


19. How can I track items that I have redeemed?

Click on your name to open your profile > My History > Redeem. You will see your redemption history from there


20. How many free spins can I get per day?

A free spin is available once per day. You can get more spins if you complete the missions.


21. How can I claim my free daily spins?

You can go to the Event menu > Mission and click to claim on the FREE SPIN tab.


22. Can all missions be claimed more than once?

All missions can only be claimed once unless otherwise stated.


23. Where do I check all the notifications?

Go to Event >Inbox. You can find all the notifications here.


24. How do I logout from this account?

Go to Slider Menu > Logout. You will automatically be logged out from your account.


25. Can I share the game item to my social media?

Yes, just click on the share button on the product page and you can select which social media you want to share from the pop-up.


26. How to redeem Steam Wallet code?

i. Purchase Steam Wallet code or redeem Steam Wallet code from the reward catalogue.

ii. Check your history for the code.

iii. Go to this website https://store.steampowered.com/account/redeemwalletcode

iv. Login to your steam account

v. Enter the code in “Steam Wallet Code” bar and press “Continue”

vi. A success message will pop-up. You may use your added funds to purchase your desired game now.

27. How to redeem Ragnarok M gift code?

i. Go to https://www.ragnaroketernallove.com/jana

ii. Enter your numerical character ID (10-digits) and the gift code.

iii. Enter the 6 digits Captcha letters.

iv. Click Submit.

v. You will receive the item in-game via the mail system in your account.


28. How to redeem a Playstation voucher code?

i. Go to PlayStation Store and click on your Online ID at the top of the screen.

ii. Select “Redeem Codes” from the drop-down menu

iii. Enter the code and select “Redeem”

iv. The credit/content is now applied to your account.

29. How to redeem I use the Garena Shell PIN?

i. Go to Garena Malaysia https://shop.garena.my/app

ii. Log in to your Garena or Facebook account.

iii. Choose Shell Topup or your favorite game.

iv. Select RGG Digi PIN.

v. Fill in your phone number.

vi. Fill in the PIN.

vii. Click "Proceed to Payment" and you will receive your Shell.

30. How to send a gift to your friends?

i. Click on the gift product (Example: Mobile Legends Diamonds Gift)

ii. Select the item package.

iii. Select “Send a gift to My Friends”

iv. Enter your friend's email and write a message. Make sure you have entered a correct email.

v. Click “Buy Now” to purchase the gift.

vi. Woohoo! Your gift has been sent to your friend's email.


31. Why I didn't receive a digital invoice after making a purchase?

Kindly update your email address on Account Setting. Make sure the email is a valid email address. 

32. Should you encounter below or any other related issues, please get in touch with us by filling in our customer feedback form

i. I have reloaded but no GG is granted into my account.

ii. I have reloaded but the GG granted did not tally with my reload amount.

iii. I cannot reload - invalid Digit 16 digit reload pin or pin had been used.

iv. My purchase transaction failed but the amount is still captured in my bill.

v. I did not level up after I reload.

vi. I cannot register my mobile number.

vii. I did not receive my OTP pin.

viii. I cannot change my password.

ix. I did not receive my purchased or redeemed items.

x. I did not receive any digital invoice or receipt after purchase.

xi. I did not earn any GR after spending my GG.

xii. I did not receive any item code after purchase.

xiii. I receive an unauthorized purchase notification.

xiv. My account is hacked. Help!

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